36th Engineer T-Shirts

Some of you guys have shown an interest in "36th Engineer T-Shirts". Bill Deason is in the

process of trying to have some made with the front and back logos as depicted below.

I'd say Bill has done a great job and the shirts should look very attractive. The shirts will

be Gray with the red lettered logos as show below, front and back. He's not sure

of the price but estimates at around $15 per shirt. If you are interested contact either

Bill Deason or Bob "Carl" Elmore so he can get an idea of how many will be needed. Be sure

to include the size or sizes of shirt needed if you plan on ordering one or more.

Contact Bill at bcfarm@hotmail.com or Carl at rhelmore@20thengineerbrigadereunion.com

Bob & Monica got theirs...You should get  yours.